Here is a list of everything I bought to do the 5.3 Swap into the Gray Pearl.  This list includes a wideband and HPTuners which could save you $700 if you already have access to something equivalent, but also includes the $500 I got for selling my old power train, so the ~$2000 swap cost isn’t too far off.  I’m really not satisfied with the engine mounting situation that I have and I need to buy a driveshaft that is the correct length still.  I will update the list when I add things (hopefully turbo)!

Engine + Trans $1,000.00
Craigslist – Full pullout from a 2003 Tahoe
Sold Old Engine + Trans  -$500.00 Yay money! 🙂
motor mount bracket $34.95
Replacement engine mounts $70.00
Would not recomend what I got
Blade Connectors $15.99
Butt Connectors $11.99
obd 2 port $9.00
Fuel pump $154.91
fuses $7.68
fuel pump bracket $12.99
10 blade Fuse block $14.99
wide band o2 $199.80
Would not recomend what I got, the obd2 part only works on 2008 and newer
relays (5) $19.99
transmission filter $33.44
HP Tuners $483.48
u joint $20.00 autozone
fuel lines + filter $65.00 autozone
-8an fittings x2 $15.00 speed shop
-10 to -8 an fitting $14.71
6 blade fuse block $10.99
gas pedal $81.79
OTC fuel pressure tool $32.65
more relays $11.35
radiator fans $53.98
Upper radiator Hose $14.08
3 way funky Heater Hose $29.78
Thrush Glasspack x2 $50.02
2.5″ exhaust clamp x4 $8.00
Total $1,976.56

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