one zip tie at a time

What is your favorite color zip tie?

After seconds of thought the team of personalities inside my head have driven me to the close edge of insanity over this question multiple times.  It pretty much comes down to how good you want to look with your pristine machine selfie that you post on our Facebook page mixed with the thought that the black ones seem to last longer.

Should I get my degree to become an Mechromancer?

Yes, this is a field that is harnessed by less than 1% of the population and will certainly set you apart from those other 99%. After a minimum of 9000 seconds of you tube videos and 3 trips to China-mart you could certainly be on the path to success.

Why is that red Camaro on this site? It looks way too good

If you only knew.

How do you recommend that I fix a broken chain?

Start looking for a construction dumpster or wherever else you get nails and find the biggest one that fits.

How do I get long hair?

Literally stop interacting with scissors for 2 years. Apathy is the best strategy – do nothing.

What is the Gray Pearl?

The Gray Pearl is half pirate ship and half 1985 Chevy C10 that was purchased at night from some shady dude on craigslist.