Varley Unchained

As I sit here listening to the soundtrack from GTA Vice City, I am reminded of a story involving something else from the the 80’s – a trencher we call Varley.  We named it Varley after that fat old guy from the show Street Outlaws who’s favorite thing to say is “We really need to get our […]

The Day T.J. Kept Me Cool!

There are many experiences in my life that I could chalk up as janky, like the time I slept with a random girl who paid for my generosity in cigarettes and gas fare.  This article isn’t  about my sexual escapades however, but a miracle I witnessed outside my bed. Like the time my truck, a Ford Ranger […]

The Lawn Mower Miracle

When I was a boy, I didn’t put much stock into Faith. Sure, I’d seen Angels in the Outfield enough times to sustain Danny Glover’s career, but I was far from a believer in real-life miracles. Then, my lawn mower broke. When I say “broke”, I don’t mean old age had finally kicked in. (Although, […]

Janky Headphone Fix

After a hard day expanding the energy nexus of the United States of America, Turbine Jesus, a local folk hero returned home to his modest establishment located within an all original 1982 single wide equipped with an air mattress and 10 mbps internet. With the intent of blessing the internet populous with his presence, TJ […]