Janky Shack’s Practical Knowledge of Electricity

Almost everything has a computer or wires these days, here are some of the concepts and knowledge you will need to know to be able to test circuits and find electrical problems. #1 Voltage   Voltage is displayed as a V or Volt.  It is the measurement of the potential difference of electricity between 2 […]

Considerations for Fuel Injector Size

This is a little more complicated than a simple formula.  If you know how much horsepower you want to make, you should be able to just calculate how much fuel you need right?  Well, there are more things to consider.  The first thing is crankshaft horsepower vs wheel horsepower.  Crankshaft horsepower is what you see […]

Gear Ratio Calculator

Here is a little tool I made to help you guys out who are always wondering what your engine speeds are going to look like if you change gear ratios.  I have started out with just the stock 4th gen F-body stuff, but will be adding more options later on depending on requests.  Leave a […]

GM LS Cam Specs

Gen 3 LS: Year       Part #            Duration*   Valve Lift   LSA Corvette LS1 97-98     12554710         199/207      .472/.479    117 98-99     12560964       199/207      .472/.479    117 2000       12560968   […]